NAVAL, Biliran — The local government here has started imposing on Thursday, February 2, a color coding scheme for tricycles, the most popular means of transport in the provincial capital.

The scheme — the first in the province — aims to regulate the traffic flow in the semi-urban town with a population of more than 54,000.

Naval Mayor Gerard Espina proposed the traffic scheme when he was a board member of the province last year, but it was not implemented.

“Through color coding, it will be easy for commuters to know tricycles’ routes,” Espina said.

Naval has nine motorcycle driver’s organizations operating within the town center. Each has assigned paint color to represent their group and their route.

The colors are red, yellow green, brown, yellow, blue, violet, orange, white and fuchsia pink.

During the launching at the Biliran provincial sports complex, Espina announced the fulfillment of his promise to shoulder the insurance premium of motorcycle drivers.

“This is to ensure that whenever you get sick or encounter an accident, you are protected because you have an insurance,” Espina said.

The mayor said the local government also plans to implement a livelihood training program for the wives of motorcycle drivers to augment their families’ income.

“With the brand new look of motorcycle, we are also hoping that the drivers will have discipline and provide efficient and better services to the commuters,” Espina added.

Motorized tricycles are an indigenous form of the auto rickshaw and are a common means of public transportation in the country.

Tricycles are built in a variety of styles, which differ from city to city, and are usually made locally by building a sidecar and affixing it to an imported motorcycle. Usually, both the cycle and sidecar are covered. (PNA)

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