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Naval, Biliran – A night of pomp and glamour as 26 competing delegates from the Eastern Visayas Division vied for the title of Mr. & Ms. DEPED 2017. The pageantry was held on February 6, 2017 at the Naval State University, Naval, Biliran on a packed house.

The grand event was hosted by our dashing debonair Mr. Rico Parilla and lovely Ms. Elaine Sabagkit.

The following are the winners of minor and special awards

1. Best in Production Number
* Candidate No. 10 – Biliran Mr. Ronn Lennard R. Napala
* Candidate No. 10 – Biliran Alyza S. Cairo
2. Mr & Ms Congeniality
* Ms. Congeniality – Candidate No. 11 Biliran Alyza S. Cairo
* Mr. Congeniality – Candidate No. 11 Daryl C. Beso
3. Photogenic
* Mr. Photogenic – Tacloban Division Glenn T Caidic
* Ms. Photogenic – Candidate No. 1 Ormoc Division Aubrey O. Larrazabal
4. Tourism Ambassadress – Biliran
5. Tourism Ambassador – Biliran
6. Best in Festival Attire
* Mr. Festival – Biliran
* Ms. Festival – Biliran
7. Best in Sports wear
* Mr. Sports Wear – No. 11
* Ms. Sports Wear – Ormoc
8. Best in Formal Wear
* Mr. Formal wear – calbayog division no. 11
9. Best in Evening Gown – no. 1 Ormoc

Top Five Finalist for Mr. Deped

Candidate No. 8
Candidate No. 11
Candidate No. 2
Candidate No. 13
Candidate No. 10

Top Five Finalist for Ms. Deped

Candidate No. 8
Candidate No. 1
Candidate No. 7
Candidate No. 4
Candidate No. 10

The following are the winners of major awards

4th Runner – up
Mr. Candidate No. 10 Biliran Alyza Cairo 
Ms. Candidate No. 10 Biliran Mr. Ronn Lennard R. Napala
3rd Runner – up
Mr. Candidate No. 13 Boronggan City Roman Anthony Yabora
Ms. Candidate No. 4 Leyte Kim Christine Boja
2nd Runner – up
Mr. Candidate No. 11 Calbayog City Daryl Beso
Ms. Candidate No. 6 Samar Kimberly D. Morales

1st Runner-up
Mr. Candidate No. 2 Tacloban City  Glenn Caidic
Ms. Candidate No. 1 Ormoc City  Aubrey O. Larrazabal

Mr. Candidate No. 8 Eastern Samar Franz Angelo B. Alable
Ms. Candidate No. 8 Eastern Samar Flerzia D. Robin


The search for Mr. & Mrs. DEPED 2017 was a grand event indeed. Ladies and gentlemen you were all winners in your own right, may you all embody the meaning of sportsmanship wherever you go. –


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