Higatangan Island Shifting Sand Bar

NAVAL, Biliran, March 21 (PIA)- “It’s more fun” is a tourism catch phrase but for local and foreign tourists who are looking as what the tourism catch phrase says of a place that offers “more fun” but also a place that will quench their craving for a satisfying summer vacation, Higatangan Island is the best place to visit with its amazing and fun-filled activities scheduled next month.

Higatangan Island, which is famous for its powdery white shifting sandbar, is one of the known tourist destinations nestled in the island paradise of Biliran province in Eastern Visayas.

The island, composed of barangays Mabini and Libertad, which is about 45 minutes ride by motorized boat from the Naval wharf, is part of Naval, the capital town of the province.

Summer event in Higatangan

The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Naval led by its young, active and dynamic local chief executive, Mayor Gerard Roger M. Espina, in a meeting with the barangay officials of the two barangays of the island, agreed and came up with a one-day summer event that would entice tourists to travel and visit Higatangan Island.

This one-day summer event scheduled on April 29, 2017, a Saturday, is filled with muscle flexing, eye catching, mouth watering, awe inspiring, fun-filled, and everything that would satisfy of what a tourist is looking for in a summer vacation.

The day-long event will start as early as 5:00 o ‘clock in the morning with a Zumba at the shifting sandbar to awaken the energy and prepare the stamina of the tourists for the rest of the days’ activities.

The one-hour or more Zumba will be followed by the holding of triathlon (competition sports composed of swimming, biking and running). It is expected that local and foreign tourists will join the first ever competition held in a small island here in Biliran province.

Kite flying that will be held in the area where the island watchtower (parola) is located will also be an activity to watch and the team sport mostly viewed by its spectators but in a different setting- volleyball in beach.

Tourists will also be allured to watch with the jet-ski and kayaking competitions, the first ever competitons that will be held in the province, where participants will wade their way to victory in the pristine and crystal clear waters of the island.

The day’s events will be paired with the showcase of the traditional industry, long practiced and has been one of the sources of income of local residents of the island which is mat weaving.

Local mat wavers will show their mat weaving prowess to include their bag making skill where tourists can also immerse with their skills in mat weaving and bag making.

Boracay like night life in the island

If the day’s events are tiresome to the body, the events that will be held during night time will surely sooth tired muscles and will give a relaxing mood and enjoyable atmosphere because tourists will see and hear a mini-Boracay sights and sounds.

The serenity of the island will be replaced with the sounds of drums, guitars, keyboard, and voices of performers of different live bands.

If tourists want to find time watching the glamor and beauty of young ladies, the bikini open competition will surely lift their spirits plus the performance of the fire dancers that will surely awaken the exhausted energies.

Others can go to a massage booth manned by local masseurs for relaxation, spend shopping in a nightly bazaar and in a souvenir booth with variety of unique local products available.

A photo booth will also be established in different areas of the island for taking of pictures as mementos while staying in the island.

Jumpstart for Naval tourism

Mayor Espina said during the initial meeting on March 20 that the hoding of the summer event in Higatangan Island is a “jump-off point” for the tourism industry of Naval town.

He added that more tourists visit other towns in the province because of their natural attractions and that doing an activity like in Higatangan Island is one avenue of promoting and reinvigorating the tourism industry of the town.

The 30 year-old mayor who envisions for more development of Naval offers a one-peso (P1) fare in motorized boats that will ferry tourists from Naval wharf going to Higatangan Island who will witness, take part and participate the summer event in the Island.

He likewise advised tourists to bring in camping tents where they can put up in designated places of the island to rest just to prepare for contingency if accommodation facilities are no longer available with the number of tourists who are expected to come to Higatangan Island.

“Come and have fun with us this summer in Higatangan Island,” Mayor Espina said, inviting everyone to have a fulfilling and enjoyable summer vacation. (ajc/FJ/rvictoria/PIA8-Biliran)


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