Cops search house of alleged suspect in US Marine shooting

By Staff
Published 4:59 PM, March 30, 2017
Photos from BPPO

BATO, Biliran, Biliran – Police authorities in Biliran province conducted search operation in the house of the alleged suspect in the shooting of a former US Marine early Thursday morning, March 30.

The subject of the police search operation was the house owned by a certain Maximo Bacalla, 58 years old, married, resident of Barangay Burabod, and an employee of LGU-Biliran.

Bacalla’s house is located before the elementary school of Barangay Burabod, Biliran, Biliran.

According to sources who requested anonymity, Maximo Bacalla aka Loklok, was one of the suspects in the shooting of Harvey Gene Abrams on March 10 along the national highway of Barangay Bato, Biliran. [Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran]

Recently, Maria Abrams, the wife of the victim, filed cases in court against Bacalla et. al. for attempted homicide and murder.

The search warrant was issued by RTC Branch 16 Presiding Judge Bienvenido Montalla.

The seized items during the search operation that started around 7:05 and ended around 8:00 are the following items: 1 unit hand grenade, 1 unit .38 revolver (Smith & Wesson), 4 pcs. live ammos for Cal .38 and 1 PC holster. Subject arrested person with the seized items were brought to Biliran PS for proper documentation and disposition.

Cops search house of alleged suspect in US Marine shooting

Dr. Ellenor V. Briones, one of the accused persons in the murder and attempted murder cases filed by Abrams widow in court, said that she was at the RHU-Biliran at around 10:00 a.m. on March 10, attending to some 30 clients.

Briones even told that Bacalla, who is her bodyguard, did not possess any firearm, ammunitions and grenade.

She added that Bacalla was also at RHU-Biliran that same morning of March 10, 2017.

However, one of the witnesses of the cases filed in court allegedly stated in an executed affidavit that she heard Dr. Briones talking to someone at around 10:00 a.m. that day, March 10, saying “patya na si Abrams ug iyang asawa aron wala nay problema” (kill Abrams including his wife so there will be no more problem).

Bacalla is now detained at the Naval Police Station. –



  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! That’s one evidently solved we hope. Congratulations to the local PNP. Well done. One more to solve tho. All of those involved in Henk Nuijts murder last June 26, 2016.

    • 2Ks, Is there any word on the following ?

      1) what caliber gun killed Abrams ? will be telling if it was a .38 like Bacalla possessed
      2) details on the grenade killers lobbed into Abram’s vehicle. will be interesting to learn who’s fingerprints are on it. The grenade found in Bacalla’s home is interesting; looks “home made” contraption, wrapped in apparently “packing tape”.

  2. Kelly Fox’s remarks that Bacalla was arrested because his home was searched and evidence found is correct. Henk Nuijts alleged murderers are known, but they didn’t get their properties searched. They went on the run after they received Affidavits for them to explain it first. They have been on the run seven months now, and the two suspects cannot be found. Seems like two separate laws in conflict in Biliran Province. One to arrest after searching the property first. The other, to send out notification that they will come and search and arrest them if they don’t reply to the Affidavits. If they were innocent, why did they ‘run’ away?

    • Thanks for the history. The “send out notification” procedure sounds idiotic. Sounds like a Monopoly “Do Not Go To Jail” move. Akin to PNP saying “Ok, you’re a suspect and have been accused (by an accuser) , so we’re sending an Affidavit to give you plenty of time to escape. And btw, here is the Naval bus schedule for your convenience.” Had H Nuijts developed some enemies in conjunction with real estate transactions gone wrong (like Abrams) ? I was on aan overnight ferry, Naval-> Cebu, in Dec 2014, with Gene. We stayed up late in the canteen & he showed me piles of court documents associated with his court cases associated with real estate problems. The Philippine system for transfer of property is really vulnerable to abuse. E.g. no escrow, no title insurance, buyer shows up at seller’s attorney’s office with a bag of cash. Can’t be certain of the seller’s identity. Or whether he just sold the same property to some one else an hour prior.

  3. TO: Steve Dehues,
    Dietmar Piltz,
    ‘ 2Ks ‘,
    “Peter Blue Mountain Lodge” &
    James Facinelli:
    Please contact me at [email protected] for a more private discussion of the events.
    Ditto anyone else, Filipino or ‘Foreigner’ ;-) with knowledge to share or just wanting to engage in a dialogue.

  4. TO: “Peter Blue Mountain Lodge” : Do you have any knowledge of a retired Navy Chief operating a small beach resort at or near Bato? Gene was apparently a friend of the Chief and was setting up am internet WiFi there.

  5. i hope he spills the beans on who was on motorcycle AND who paid for the hit AND why…so ALL get charged in the conspiracy!

  6. Accused killer Maximo Bacalla was arrested two weeks ago, 3/30/17. Informed sources say that Bacalla & his accomplice together rec’d $600 USD for the killing. A surpirisngly paltry sum for someone of Abram’s stature. :-\ But, what’s the latest ? Any more arrests ? On 3/10 (day of the killing) a witness at RHU ( Dr Briones’ workplace) overheard her order Bacalla to kill Abrams. Has she been arrested yet ? Or is she untouchable because of her stature. Note that both Briones and her associate Tacloban Hilario Trani have been in property disputes with Abrams since year 2000. (see Facebook “Hilario Trani” for photos of Dr Birones & Trani )

  7. Any news on prosecution of the killers ? I’m informed that accused Biliran RHU Dr. Eleanor Briones has been ousted from her employment at RHU. This was in conjunction with testimory of an RHU employee who overhear Briones order her driver Bacalla on March10 (day before the shooting ) to kill Abrams.

  8. i had to move back to USA from salvacion biliran where i built a home and lived with my wife and son because my mother in law who lives in batangas was threatening my wife and I trying to extort 500,000 peso from us. She had 6 other family members in salvacion harrassing us in the extortion conspiracy.
    i couldnt get police in batangas to even file charges!
    we have someone else working the case now, be careful who you trust!
    your own wifes family may turn out to be the most evil you will find in your retirement dream!

    • i think i know the evil woman you speak of, (MAMA LUZ?)she also bought lot in salvacion culaba then got many credit loans against the property,she disappeared to batangas but sneaked back to sell her lot in salvacion leaving her creditors high and dry , left with all the loans AND money from selling lot with leins against it!
      she has been evil and hurt many persons for 30 years,never worked, only scams and stealing, maybe her creditors will know now she hides in batangas!

      • good ! i hope those in biliran who lost money to her scams go after her, her 30 year crime spree needs come to an end. she hides in tagaytay area of batangas. but be careful she is pure evil and has many relatives who are on her payroll in salvacion culaba, and her co-conspirators there smile at your face while stabbing you in the back.

      • that evil woman you talk about, i think i know her she hides under name minda pahayahay now so her creditors in biliran cant find her. She lives near me in batangas.

  9. for information the gun man of mr harvey abrahms was arrested by us last saturday march 24, 2018 in villaba leyte in the name of william lause lanquido


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