First Posted 9:20 PM May 12, 2017
Last Updated 10:47 AM May 14, 2017

Update. According to PSINSP IAN SALVADOR B PO, Chief of Police of Kawayan, a murder case has been filed against Jessue Dingcong.

Kawayan, Biliran – An alleged love angle leads to shooting and death of an aide of Kawayan mayor late afternoon friday, May 12.

The victim was identified as Jessy Cepriano, a resident of Culaba, Biliran. Cepriano was allegedly shot by a certain Jessue Dingcong, a resident of Kawayan town.

Dingcong voluntarily surrendered to Kawayan police station after the incident.

The case is still under investigation. –


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    jelousy kills many marriages and even people, it is the devils tool.
    even imaginary things in jelous people mind is enough to make you the devils tool.
    i wish all churches and schools teach how truely evil jelousy is and stamp out this sickness in philippine society….
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    when will people learn tsismis and jelousy are direct from the devil to control your thinking and cause pain?
    have you EVER seen good come from tsismis or jelousy ??
    They are not of God.


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