Cabucgayan Port in Magbangon, Cabucgyan, Biliran Province.
Cabucgayan Port in Magbangon, Cabucgyan, Biliran Province.

by Restituto Cayubit

Cabucgayan, Biliran – The government of this town is asking for P1 billion from the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) to fund community projects.

Mayor Edwin Masbang told Manila Bulletin his town has submitted project proposals for development projects in the municipality which are meant to improve its socio-economic conditions.

Masbang said the proposals included farm-to market roads (FMR) worth about P800 million. The project includes 16 bridges, 15 kilometers of new farm-to-market roads and the rehabilitation of 10 kilometers of existing roads.

The mayor said his town has also proposed P100 million for the expansion of the town’s port and fish port  which includes the establishment of the laboratories and other trading centers in the town.

He said the town will cover 10 percent of the total project cost of P100 million.

To raise the P1-million counterpart fund, the town government could borrow from banks, enter into agreement with other financing institutions, or go into a private public partnership with private investors, Masbang said.

He said the proposed projects that will be implemented from 2017 to 2019 will have a great impact on the town’s economy.

Mabang said he is optimistic the projects will help eradicate poverty in the town.

Cabucgayan is a fifth-class municipality with an area of 54 square kilometers and a population of 20,788, based on the 2015 census.

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  1. After they squander the money away on useless improvements, things will be the same…..they don’t really want “change”…..


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