Geysir Drilling rig of Iceland Drilling on site on Biliran Island, Philippines (source:
Geysir Drilling rig of Iceland Drilling on site on Biliran Island, Philippines (source:


NAVAL, Biliran — The Provincial Government here is confident of attracting more investments, with the completion of geothermal and solar power projects.

Biliran Governor Gerardo Espina Jr. said although Biliran was small, they were “lucky that some investors are interested to put investment here.”

“The geothermal and solar power plants show that we have something to offer to investors,” Espina said.

“This will mean economic development, possible reduction of electricity rate, and power stability. But the investment’s main benefit for us is on job generation especially in towns where power plants are located,” Espina said on Monday, May 15.

The power plant by Biliran Geothermal Incorporated (BGI) is located in Caibiran town, while the Biliran Solar Power Plant of E and P Green Energy Inc (EPGen) is located in Biliran town.

The geothermal power plant seeks to generate 10 megawatts (MW), while the solar power plant is targeting to generate 25 MW.

BGI is expecting to start operation in September 2018, providing stable and reliable power supply in the province. It is also negotiating with a power contractor to construct a modular binary geothermal power plant expected to be commissioned by September 2018, and is in the process of negotiating for power sales agreement with electric power distribution utilities.

The solar power plant in Biliran town, however, has not yet started its construction of facilities but solar panels, which will be used in the harvesting of energy from the sun, are already on site.

The solar power plant will cover 39 hectares of land. The target is to complete the project early next year. (PNA)


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