Dr. Cañezo launches NSU is YOU

Dr. Victor C. Canezo,Jr., newly installed OIC University President of the Naval State University, presented his 3-year strategic plan dubbed as “NSU is YOU” during the 1st Joint Faculty-Staff Solidarity Meeting held last June 8, at the NSU gymnasium.

“We need to have a plan for the university. This is not for me but for the university. NSU is YOU represents our concepts, innovations, plans and programs,” the OIC president emphasized.
NSU is YOU,is a branding strategy of the new president for his term which stands for Naval State University is Yes to, Open to and United to.

“NSU is YOU also embodies the unity and oneness of the stakeholders of the university- students, faculty and staff and the community as a whole,” Dr. Canezo explained.

He cited major programs for the university such as Quality Assurance that includes application for Horizontal Typology, Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA), Certificate of Program Compliance (COPC), and Center of Development and Center of Excellence; establishment of quality control and assessment group that would assess/ grade all endeavors (in & out) of the institution, fortification of the vital C’s (Curriculum, Courts, Community, Cultural & Church) of NSU.

“We will also activate the Media & Information Office, usher eco-friendly university campaigns for stronger tourism industry of the province, modernized school facilities, production of innovative and technology-based Instructional Materials, espousing Sustainable Community Extension Services and Faculty & Administrative Development Plan,” he mentioned.

He further laid down pro-student programs and policies as one of the focus for his term which includes the implementation of 4-day classes policy, empowering students through organizations/clubs ,fast-lane service for students, free Wi-Fi for all and free board exam reviews.

“NSU is also open to decentralization, which means that decisions should be made through bottom-up approach where students, faculty and staff are well-involved and part in the decision making,” he said.

The president also shared his plans for innovations, greater accessibility among students and staff through the eNSU (electronic NSU); strengthening student & faculty mobility through exchange programs; international scholarships, etc., application of Blended Learning especially the Graduate School, sustainable innovations & developments, research technology innovation through industry partnership, patenting inventions, Student Summit, Solidarity Meetings/Convergence of Key Officials and unification of the alumni.

“For this school year, we are also aiming to regain our BS Program of Maritime Education (BSMarE). And also as an innovation,we have to adapt globalization and ASEAN Integration in our system through membership in the ASEAN University Network,” he stated.

Open to Changes

In his presentation, Dr. Canezo also shared that the BOR approved for the mid-year bonus of the casual employees of the university and that temporary instructors who have lapse for one year will be submitted to the board for regular appointments.

He likewise announced that the pending screening of the part-time applicants for regular appointment will resume and with the approval of the BOR shall create a review committee to fast track the appointment of 105 items to deserving faculty members.

Further, he reminded the attendees, especially teachers regarding the “No Collection Policy” among the students.

“No collection of money to students or giving projects in such a way, you will be collecting money.This should not happen this time. We will create a team to monitor such issue,” he emphasized.

He revealed that Representative Rogelio J. Espina, Representative of the Lone District of Biliran, donated Php 15,000,000.00 for the students fund which will be incurred for the laboratory fee and other miscellaneous fee.

Challenge Accepted

“You can never say no to your destiny. In everything that happened, God has a reason for it. That is the reason why I accepted the challenge of being the new OIC-University President,” Dr. Canezo emphasized during his acceptance speech.

“This acceptance means nothing but only for the betterment of this university,” he added.
He also pointed out that his new administration wishes to instill the spirit of unity, friendship, and understanding, as a call for all the stakeholders of the university.

“In this university, it is my ultimate goal to ensure that whatever undertakings I have should and always be consistent with the mandate of this university. I am asking your understanding and cooperation to whatever changes we might embrace in the coming weeks or months. These are not for me, not for you. These are for NAVAL STATE UNIVERSITY!,” the president stressed out.

He encourages the members of the NSU community to stop dreaming and start working together towards achieving a common goal for the university.

Support for the New Prexy

On the other hand, members of the NSU-Board of Regents extended and expressed their support to the new OIC University President during the Joint-Staff Meeting.

“Rest assured that the senate, through Hon.Francis Joseph G. Escudero, will have your support for this new administration,” Hon. Alton V. Durano, representative of Hon. Francis Joseph G. Escudero, Chairperson, Senate Committee on Education cited.

Hon. Benedicto G. Batistis, President of the NSU Federation of Faculty Association also expressed his congratulations and support for Dr. Canezo’s term. “On this journey of Dr. Canezo, there should be communion of communities, which means unity, humility, sharing and proper coordination,” he said.

The BOR also asked for the support and cooperation of the NSU community for the new administration.

“We’re hoping that this term be the period of healing the wounds of yesterday. Magtinabangay ta (Let’s help one another),” Hon. Jerome T. Arcenal, NSU Federation of Student Council (FSC) President quoted.

“He needs the help of the faculty, non-faculty, students and staff, combined. He needs your help and cooperation,” Hon. Tiburcio A. Morales, Jr., Private Sector Representative seconded on his speech.

Meanwhile, Dr. Canezo was designated as the OIC President by virtue of Resolution No. 16, Series of 2017 signed by the BOR members last May 16, 2017.

He was unanimously appointed by the NSU Board of Regents as the new OIC president for twelve (12) months effective June 1, 2017 and ‘is subject for review and evaluation for renewal, thereafter’.

On Quality Education, ASEAN Integration and Cooperation

Meanwhile, Director Merwin H. Salazar, Executive Director, Senate Economic Planning Office (SEPO), Resource Speaker reminded the administration, faculty and staff of the university about quality education and Asean Integration.

“Quality education should be the foremost objective of academic institutions because we are increasingly integrated to global system which requires higher level of competitiveness,” Dir. Salazar quoted.

He also mentioned that as part of the Asean Economic Community, NSU will have to assess its competitiveness vis-a-vis not just with the schools in the Philippines but with other schools in the ASEAN Region.

He, further emphasized on cooperation among the university officials, faculty and staff working towards a shared goal.

“You have to be committed to achieve a common goal,” he added.


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