Sambawan Island Photo from BecomingFilipino
Sambawan Island. Photo from BecomingFilipino

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First Posted 10:00 AM Nov. 06, 2017
Updated 01:23 AM Nov. 07, 2017

UPDATE. LGU Maripipi personnel on a clean up drive in Sambawan Island today, Nov 7. Due to the prevailing sea current, it is expected that more trash will drift towards the island in the coming days, thus, anyone is most welcome to visit the island not only for relaxation but to likewise perform our social responsibility. Let us help our islands stay clean.

Naval, Biliran – Travel blogger Kyle Jennermann aka BecomingFilipino sees garbage piling up in Sambawan Island.


It was heartbreaking, eye-opening and something I have to share…

Sambawan Island is incredibly beautiful. It really was one of the most unique and awe-inspiring islands I have experienced in the Philippines. But then right before the sun went down we decided to go explore a little bit farther away from the main tourism beaches…

And we found “TRASH BEACH”.

One of the beach coves on the island literally minutes walk from the main tourism area (you can see it two coves over in the pictures) was absolutely full of garbage. There was plastic and trash everywhere… it was disgusting and really shocked all of us. We think it could be because of the tides and currents but regardless it was such a big reminder…

We all need to do better. I need to do better when it comes to garbage and plastic. I need to use this platform in the future to help educate more about this problem. Because here I was standing at one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines…

Surrounded by trash.

I hope they bring in a team to clean this up or help manage it one day. It was so sad to see an entire cove of the Sambawan Island like this.

One day at a time, One moment I realize we have a serious plastic and garbage problem at a time… #BecomingFilipino

I can’t finish this post with a “Super Apir”… Instead I just want to finish it by saying if you stumble upon beautiful places in the Philippines like Sambawan Island, but see things like this… PLEASE SHARE THEM to help spread positive education. If you just share the beauty, then it will continue to get destroyed.

It has now 4.8 k reactions, 474 comments, and 964 shares on Becoming Filipino page. File Photo.

June, 2016, the administrator of sent a private message to Nestor Macorol, developer of Sambawan Island, regarding the garbage in the island resort.

Macorol replied to saying that the garbage was brought by the waves coming from the South. Around 80 sacks of garbage were collected and hope to finish the clean up in 3 days. Thanks for the feedback. Bless God! File Photo File Photo

Macorol added that the worst case happened two years ago around the same time of the year, when we gathered 780 sacks of debris over 2 weeks of clean up. The location of Sambawan is almost at the center of tidal and current actions when the easterly wind blows after a short tidal action due to the  Habagat wind, thus becomes the “natural collector” of debris coming Frm Samar and Biliran. It’s always a challenge how to maintain the cleanliness of the Sambawan shoreline during this time of the year when the Habagat wind is alternating with the easterly winds. Each place has its unique beauty and problems as well. We’re glad that other eco-tourism islands don’t have the same problem as Sambawan.

Macorol further advised other option where to bring guests. He also asked Biliranisland. to inquire first from the island’s stewards before proceeding to Sambawan.where the wind is coming from. If they say it’s Timog or Dumagsa , ask also if there are no debris washed by the waves ashore. Pls do this before you proceed to Sambawan so that your guests will not be disappointed. Pls do this just for this month of June to July. You may contact the fol: Yoyoy-09364538042, kokoy-09057473958, jessie-09261625830. has already reminded Macorol for several times about the garbage problem of Sambawan Island.

According to Jun Oliva, Biliran Provincial tourism and information officer, This news is an eye opener for everyone, not only for the Sambawan Dive Camp and Beach Resort management, but even us, local residents and/or tourists. We dont need to resort to the usual blame game over this, but let this be a point of reflection – if we do our share of being responsible in taking care of our environment – this would not have happened. I dont want to speculate, but even in the past trash thrown to the sea would eventually find its way to our islands, and in the past few weeks we have experienced adverse sea conditions that could have led to accummulation of drifts/trash. However, management should have been more aggressive in their clean-up activities. But it is a cycle of being irresponsible, without people throwing trash to the sea, then our islands and shores will be pristine as we always wanted them to be. Sambawan management is in collaboration with Maripipi LGU to observe “basura mo, dala mo”, and I have personally witnessed this practice in those days I was there. But then again we need to be keen and consistent. I hope that all may see this in a positive point of view, and help us and Sambawan in the process.


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  1. Not all trash are thrown by tourists who visited the island, most of it probably washed up from the sea…we all should be concerned and change, to reduce use of plastic and to throw our garbage properly and responsibly.

  2. mao na….
    pa mahal2x og entrance fee…cotages and etc …tapos mao ra d.i na ang ma abtan sa mga torista …..unsa man gamit sa maintenance…!?!
    mao najud nay g ingon nga KALAT MO…!LINIS MO…!

  3. Go to BILIRAN ISLAND from biliran to almeria with open eyes. its not washed from the sea MANILA, CEBU OTHER COUNTRIES. its thrown away from the people in car and buses!!!!

  4. it,s ok the money is made by whom??? the cleaning is made by LGU,s paid by the philippine taxpayers. Where I can order LGU for cleaning my house and garden? only 2 times a week halfday!


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