By Raquel Atok
First Posted 06:15 PM May 02, 2018

NAVAL, BILIRAN – People Sword and People Surge clash as Sangguniang Bayan investigates on the latter’s alleged illegal collection of money in exchange for 5K Urduja financial assistance, Wednesday afternoon, May 2.

A mandatory fifty-peso was collected by the People Surge organization from its members as membership and registration fee.

Complying to this requirement would guarantee a member to receive the 5,000 pesos Urduja cash assistance as promised by the People Surge leader, Pablito Cuizon.

The money collection was considered illegal as there were no official receipts procured.

Imelda Arevalo Salut, a member of the People Surge in Brgy. Lico, said she was suspicious all along. Wondering why their membership form was just a 1/4 piece of bondpaper, she considered it “informal”.

On the other hand, People’s sword Vice Chairman Arnel Velasco Manjares accused Cuizon and his associates for using their t-shirts when collecting fees.

People Surge or People Surge Survivors Group, Inc. is an organization for disaster’s survivors, advocating people’s rehabilitation program.

Securities and Exchange Commision recognizes People Surge as a registered commision but does not grants and authorize it to undertake business activities.

Likewise, People Sword is the same as the People Surge. Former members of People Surge transferred to People Sword because of Cuizon’s irregularities. –


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