Picture of rash on arm due to Chikungunya
Picture of rash on arm due to Chikungunya

By BiliranIsland.com Staff
First Posted 02:40 PM August 03, 2018

Maripipi chikungunya cases rise to 101

As of 5 p.m. on Thursday, August 2, 2018, there were 101 cases of chikungunya from April to date:

Binongto-an – 43
Ermita – 39
Casibang – 4
Bato -2
Banlas -2
Canduhao – 2
Binalayan East – 1
Viga – 1
Leyte (transient patients) -7

According to Maripipi municipal health officer Dr. Gabby Velasquez

MDRRMC meeting on July 26, when Mayor declared the outbreak. Then on July 30, thru SB resolution, Maripipi was declared under state of calamity.

There are no reported deaths from the outbreak. – BiliranIsland.com


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