By Staff
First Posted 05:30 AM August 04, 2018

Kawayan, Biliran – MB Ca Rhea a motor boat loaded with cargoes traveling from Pio de Corpus, Masbate, sent a distress call when it encountered big waves en route to Tacloban around 2pm, Friday, August 3.

The Philippine Coast Guard together with the Office of the Civil Defense (OCD) Tactical Air Force responded to the distress call.

The PCG promptly dispatched a team for search and rescue but their boat capsized due to big waves encountered while on their way to the place of the distress motor boat.

Meanwhile, the OCD Tactical Air Force Team conducted aerial searh if the motor boat in distress was secure and safe.

The motor boat was carrying 140 sacks of mangoes, 15 livestock (pigs), and 30 passengers.

The vessel briefly landed in San Lorenzo, Kawayan and disembarked five passengers at 5pm today.

MB Ca Rhea continued its voyage to Tacloban. All passengers and cargoes were deemed safe. –



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