By Nestor Abrematea
Manila Bulletin

Naval, Biliran-Rep. Roger J. Espina, M.D, has called on close coordination with the various regional directors of the different national government agencies based in Eastern Visayas in order to address issues and concerns for the basic delivery of services to its constituents.

Rep.Espina said regional directors of all national government agencies assigned in Leyte and Samar should have coordination with the different district representatives in order for them to know their concerns and programs in their own districts.

Espina lamented that they do not even know some regional directors or officials of national government agencies assigned in Eastern Visayas and that they are not aware of their programs and projects in their own districts.

“We should have a close coordination with all regional directors of national government agencies in our region in order for us to know their concerns and priorities they want to be implemented in our own districts,” Rep.Espina told Manila Bulletin.

He said some regional directors encounter problems with them during budget hearings in the House of Representatives especially when projects and programs are implemented in their district because it has to be coordinated first with them as they are the ones that approve the budget of all national government agencies.

Espina expressed disappointment that the regional director of the Department of Agriculture (DA) in Eastern Visayas called him up last Wednesday morning inviting him to attend a meeting with farmers in his district and he could not do attend such meeting as he was still in Manila attending their regular session in Congress.

He advised regional directors and other officials assigned in all regional offices in Eastern Visayas to visit the offices of their district congressman as they are much willing to entertain them and receive them in their own offices in Congress.

The Biliran solon also observed that some regional directors assigned in Leyte and Samar with offices in Tacloban City and in Palo are always out of their areas of assignment or not in their offices during office hours as they are not residents of the own region.

Eastern Visayas or Leyte and Samar has fourteen congress leaders coming from twelve congressional districts and two partylists.

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