Photo by Yonelyn Caparro Amador

By Staff
Photo by Yonelyn Caparro Amador
First Posted 03:21 PM 09/26/2018

Almeria, Biliran – Two persons succumbed to fatal injuries following a collision between a motorcycle and an SUV along the national road in Upper Looc, Almeria, Biliran this 26th of September 2018 at 11:20 am.

Photo by Yonelyn Caparro Amador

Officers who responded to the accident reported that the victims were Rosita Jabuen and Nicasio Caparro Sale, 55, both residents of Barangay Talahid.

Photo by Yonelyn Caparro Amador

According to initial investigation, the victims were riding on a red and black Honda motorcycle with plate number 9539 HC and traveling to Kawayan when it was bumped by a white Mitsubishi Pajero with plate number YDV951, traveling in the opposite direction. The car was driven by Timoteo Amoroto, 63, retired post master and a resident of Brgy. Bool, Culaba.

Photo by Yonelyn Caparro Amador
Photo by Yonelyn Caparro Amador

Both riders were thrown upon impact and were rushed by the emergency responders to the Biliran Provincial Hospital, where they were declared dead on arrival.

Photo by Inel Bejer



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