Widening of Looc Bridge in Almeria, Biliran starts construction
Widening of Looc Bridge in Almeria, Biliran starts construction

The very first bridge widening project implemented by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)- Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO) has started its construction at Brgy. Looc, Almeria, Biliran along Biliran Circumferential Road (BCR).

Clearing of construction site is now on-going after mobilizing the equipments and materials for the said project.

The widening of the P21.9M Looc Bridge involves the construction of two additional lanes of the bridge with a width of 3.66-meter, one lane on each side of the 24-meter length existing bridge.

It was prioritized because the approach road of the bridge going to Kawayan, Biliran side was already widened.

The said network development project is designed to accommodate more traffic volume and provide a wider and safer roads for the increasing vehicular users along BCR.

When completed, at least 5000 vehicular road users is expected to benefit on this project.

According to District Engineer David P. Adongay Jr., this will be fast-tracked for completion before its expiry date on January 29, 2019.

This is the second bridge widening project implemented in this province. The first bridge widening is Anas Bridge in Naval, Biliran which is presently implemented by the DPWH Regional Office under FY 2017 budget. (cheqs/rbr/bilirandeo)

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