NAVAL, Biliran (BILRANDEO) – The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) – Biliran District Engineering Office (DEO) is on-going on the construction of P13.8M. access road project going to Nasunugan Watchtower (burned ruins), a preserved heritage structure in Biliran Province.


The ruins is located at the hill of Brgy. San Roque, about 5–10 minutes from Biliran town proper. Presently, the concrete stairs going up the said hill is the only access to reach to the place.

Under the Special Convergence Support Program of DPWH and the Department of Tourism (DOT), the construction of access road project leading to Nasunugan Watchtower was prioritized under FY 2018 infrastructure program with an amount of P13.8M.

The project involves the construction of two lane concrete road with a length of .500km. starting along National Road of Biliran town intersection with slope protection structure.
With the completion of this access road going to the said tourism site, local and foreign tourists will no longer be hampered in going to the ruins.

According to District Engineer David P. Adongay Jr., the accessibility of the site would encourage more visitors to visit the place and take a glimpse of the historical structure in the province. The project is target to be completed before the year ends.

Nasunugan is a reconstruction of an old structure used by early settlers in the island as watchtower against Moro raids between 1765 – 1774. It is believed to be the site where Fr. Gaspar Ignacio de Guevarra built a fort as sanctuary of the early Biliranons. (cheqs/rbr/ bilirandeo)



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