BILIRAN — A tall and sturdy river wall was constructed by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to minimize flood-related casualties and damage to properties and crops from the overflow of Caraycaray River in Barangay Caraycaray, Naval, Biliran.

DPWH Biliran District Engineer David Adongay said the newly-completed project costing P56 million is an 850-meter revetment structure with reinforced concrete facing and foundation.

“With the completion of this river wall project, we have protected residents of the flood-prone Barangay of Caraycaray who used to fear for their lives and properties during rainy and typhoon season,” said DE Adongay.

Moreover, the flood-control project prevents further deterioration to Caraycaray Bridge which is a vital structure in Biliran serving as the shortest access of locals going in and out to mainland of Leyte.

Caraycaray Bridge was damaged by Tropical Storm “Urduja” in December 2017 and is presently passable to only light vehicles.

“This wall is protecting the existing Caraycaray Bridge and its detour while we implement the new and better Caraycaray Bridge slated to start in 2019,” said DE Adongay.

According to DE Adongay, the implementation of disaster-resilient structures such as the newly-completed revetment wall is a priority of DPWH to ensure mobility and safety of people in the calamity-stricken province of Biliran.


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