By Staff
Photos by AJ Aparejado
First Posted 10:50 PM November 26, 2018

NAVAL, Biliran – In a shocking act of animal cruelty, dead carcasses of animals were found by residents of P. S. Eamiguel, Naval in the morning of November 26, 2018.

Many believe that the animals’ deaths were due to deliberate poisoning, to control the number of stray dogs.

A similar incident also happened in the town of Almeria last September.


The Animal Welfare Act 8485 prohibits the killing of animals in an inhumane manner, perpetrators are subject to imprisonment or penalty if found guilty. –



  1. Fish with poison was the cause of death of dogs in Barangay P.S. Eamiguel, an upland barangay in Naval

    The unconscionable use of poison to eliminate the problem of astray dogs, is a clear violation of the Animal Welfare Act, and the end really does not justify the means employed in this case.

    We have to call the attention of local leaders in Naval, to find a more ‘humane ways’ to address the problem at hand.

    Taking away one’ s creation of God, is not only a violation of law, but a violation as well to God’s law of procreation.

    Local ordinances anchored on national laws should be strengthened, and be implemented with a teeth on it.

    Let us not sit with all the comforts in our offices, only to find out cramming to solve a very simple problem which needs only a single step to find a solution.


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