Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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First Posted 06:07 PM December 07, 2018

NAVAL, Biliran – WHOLE  BILECO area coverage will have no electricity for 10 hours from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on December 15, 2018, Saturday, the Biliran Electric Cooperative Inc. (BILECO) announced on Friday, December 6. 

BILECO Advisory
BILECO Advisory

According to BILECO advisory, the said 10-hour power outage will be implemented due to the Relocation of structures, replacement of wood poles with steel poles and conversion of electrical and other related structures .

NGCP Power Update

Corrective maintenance activities in parts of Ormoc City, parts of Leyte and Biliran Province, 15 Dec/7AM – 5PM

Facility: Ormoc – Lemon – Biliran 69kV line

Affected: LEYECO III & V, BILECO, SEPALCO, DORELCO (during shifting of loads only), 1st SOLEQ (during shifting of loads only)

Reason: Maintenance works



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