First Posted 11:30:00 PM 12/19/2018

CABUCGAYAN, Biliran – On December 18, 2018, around 10:00 p.m., an alert was sent to the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) reporting the two sinking boats betwee the Cabucgayan- Capoocan waters. The PCG responded and created a Joint Search and Rescue Maritime operations involving the CGS Eastern Leyte and CGS Biliran. The search and rescue operations were temporarily suspended on December 19, 2018 at 1:00 am due to rough weather. The SAR was resumed at 7:00 am.

According to the initial investigation two unregistered boats departed from Barangay Balaquid Cabucgayan after attending the town fiesta at 6:00 pm. The undocumented boats had eight passengers onboard on whom five survived and three were missing. The missing persons were identified as Sonny Boy Torculas 28, John Carl Torculas, 7 and Bryce Torculas 4.

On further investgation with the partner of Sonny Torcula, Mrs. Marilar Decallos reported that there were five of them who went to the Cabucgayan Fiesta. According to the reports, Sonny saved a certain Mr. Argil Tuando, who fell down in the sea but he never made it back to his own boat.

Two of the five identified survivors were Argil Tuando and his daughter, Sheila Mae Tuando.

The SAR teams suspended the operations at 12:00 noon and will resume tomorrow due to bad weather conditions. –


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