By: Christia Marie Ramos – Reporter / @CMRamosINQ

MANILA, Philippines – Naval, Biliran Mayor Gerard Espina warned municipal employees to focus on public service rather than wasting time on mobile phone and online games and apps during office hours or find a new work place.

In an office memorandum dated March 1, 2019, Espina said that “a significant number of employees” were reported to be playing mobile games, particularly Mobile Legends and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) during office hours.

Mobile Legends is known as a multi-player battle arena while PUBG is a third-person shooting game.

“Let it be known to all municipal employees that this act is not included in your responsibility, obligation, and duty as public servants,” the document read.

Photo taken by Naval (Biliran) Mayor Gerard Roger M. Espina Posted by Project Jurisprudence – Philippines

Under this circumstance, I hereby order that employees that are caught playing mobile games during office hours will be [terminated] upon proven guilty,” it added.

The mayor further said that he hopes the said memorandum would prompt erring employees to “level-up” their “maturity in terms of the seriousness of public service or ‘squad up’ to find a new place of employment.” / gsg

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