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First Posted 20:22:00 04/22/2019
Last Updated 18:25:00 04/23/2019

5 PM April 23, 2019: As of now, no confirmation of Philippine Coast Guard that the 3 teens missing from the capsized boat have been found. This is contrary to a report that they have been seen in Daram, Samar.

Naval, Biliran – A search is being conducted by the Philippine Coast Guard with the assistance of the Daanbantayan local disaster office for three missing persons that were swept by the sea since Sunday.

The vessel, MBCA Aga, departed from Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan Cebu at 5 pm going to Higatangan Island. Four passengers were onboard the small motorbanca – Jay Bohol, Danny Bohol, David Lastimada and David Canezo, all of them Carnaza residents.

A certain Tilano Dublin from the local disaster office from Daanbantayan stated that the passengers set sail to attend a fiesta when water got inside their vessel midway to Higatangan.

It was reported that the small motorbanca capsized midway between Higatangan and Maripipi on Sunday night.

Jay Bohol was rescued when MBCA Aga was spotted floating aimlessly in the ocean by fishermen. He stated that all three of his companions abandoned ship when they saw nearby bancas.

The search and rescue operation continues to find Jay’s three companions.

People are advised to be mindful of the current weather situation and take all the necessary precautions.

Carnaza Island is about 18 km from Higatangan Island, and 1 hr to 1 hr to 30 mins. by pumpboat. –

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