First Posted 14:00:00 04/22/2019

Culaba, Biliran – Two residents of this town have positively identified one Tito Reveldez, a Sangguniang Bayan candidate of Culaba in the May 13, 2019 elections, as one of the gunmen who allegedly fired at them while on their way home at around 12:30 AM on April 22, 2019.

He is the brother of incumbent Culaba Mayor Lorenzo Reveldez, who is running for vice-governor.

According to initial police report of Culaba police station, one Silvano “Boning” Quial, a resident of Barangay Patag and one Antonio Marijuan, a resident of Barangay Binongtoan reported the shooting incident at Culaba police station at around 9:20 AM today.

Quial disclosed that while they were on their way home, they noticed the suspect with four (4) other unidentified persons onboard a color gray Toyota Innova, without plate number, who followed and chased them. Upon reaching the junction of Biliran Circumferencial road and barangay road of Brgy. Binongtoan, the suspects opened fire at them using short firearms with unknown caliber, based on the initial police report.

The police report stated that Quial sped up and upon reaching junction going to Brgy. Patag in Culaba, the suspect again pointed and fired his firearm at him.

The police report also stated that Quial and Marijuan turned over to police authority two empty shells of Caliber .45 they alleged to have been found in the crime scene. –


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