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Photos by PNP Culaba and Biliran Island
First Posted 08:27:00 08/26/2019

A construction worker dies after being attacked with a chainsaw in Culaba.

Bool East, Culaba, Biliran – A man in a drinking spree died after being attacked with a chainsaw by his drinking partner.

Eduardo Roquitos, 30, construction worker, resident of Bool East, Culaba,  had been out in the suspect’s house sharing bottles of beer with Eduardo Canete and Roger Paje, a chainsaw operator, on the night of August 25, 2019.

Roquitos and Canete were passed out on the floor when the drunken attack happened.

Roger Paje, 48, was allegedly unruly when drunk, took out his chainsaw and cut up  Roquito’s head and different parts of his body that resulted in his instantaneous death.

Edgardo Canete managed to run outside the house, called for help and was spared of the same fate.

The suspect was arrested by the responding policemen  and the chainsaw is now under the custody of the police station for disposition.

According to PLT ISIDORO N ANCERO JR., chief of Police of Culaba, a murder case has been filed against the suspect. – 



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