First Posted 05:19 PM 08/26/2019

Cabucgayan, Biliran – A person was beaten and stabbed to death while under the influence of liquor on August 20, 2019 at 1:20 a.m.

Gerry Gala, 27, also known as Clarence or Intig, resident of Sitio Naga, Brgy. Looc Cabucgayan, was beaten using a stick and stabbed using a bladed weapon in different parts of his body, resulting in his death.

Edgar Camarines Malinao, 48, a chainsaw operator, fled from the scene of the crime. The Cabucgayan PNP personnel went in hot pursuit of the suspect, who was successfully arrested.

Malinao said that Intig was being unpleasant, that was why he killed the latter. Both the victim and the suspect were believed to be under the influence of liquor.

The suspect was brought to the police station for proper documentation and disposition.

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