A construction worker’s body was brutally mutilated by his uncle
A construction worker’s body was brutally mutilated by his uncle with a chainsaw while sleeping after a drinking spree in Culaba, Biliran, Sunday (August 25, 2019). (Photos by PLt. Isidoro Ancero Jr.)

By Marie Tonette Marticio
Manila Bulletin

TACLOBAN City – A construction worker was brutally killed with a chainsaw while he was sleeping, while a colleague escaped death, shortly after a drinking session in Culaba, Biliran, last Sunday (August 25).

PLt. Isidoro Ancero Jr., Culaba Police Chief, identified the victim as Eduardo Rosquitos, 30, married, a construction worker and a resident of Brgy. Bool East, Poblacion. The suspect was identified as Roger Paje, 48, married, who is working as a chainsaw operator.

PLt. Ancero said the victim and the suspect, together with the survivor Edgardo Cañete, a fellow construction worker, were having a drinking session from 8 a.m. on Sunday.

According to the survivor, they fell asleep on the floor of the house after their drinking session.

Lt. Ancero said that at about 1 p.m., Cañete was awakened by the sound of a chainsaw engine.
He then saw the suspect carrying a chainsaw go to the sleeping victim, and mutilated him without hesitation.

Upon seeing this, Cañete awakened the other workers by yelling at them to run away, and he jumped out the window of the house.

Ancero said that Cañete told him that the suspect’s eyes were closed while he was killing the victim.

The official also disclosed in an interview that the suspect told him that he was not aware of what he was doing during interrogation several hours after he surrendered to them.

The suspect reportedly told him that he felt like he was just dreaming and was cutting a coconut tree, unaware that he was already slicing the body of his nephew.

The victim’s hand and neck were severely mutilated.

A murder charge is being prepared by the arresting team against the suspect who is temporarily detained at the Culaba Municipal Police Station.


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