First Posted 03:32 PM 09/30/2019

BILIRAN, Biliran – Fire hit Brgy. Julita, Biliran on Sunday, September 29, 2019 around 10 in the morning.

BFP trucks and firemen from Biliran and Cabucgayan and Julita rRsidents worked together in combatting the spread of the fire. Fire out was declared at 2:00 p.m.

The fire started at the house of Bolman Yapan and totally gutted four other houses. Bolman Yapan, Bonte Escoton, Luding Escoton Bebie Jabilgas and Junjun Jabilgas Houses we’re totally destroyed by the fire. The house of Dodong Rosales had minor damages.

According to witnesses, the fire started by a candle lit to honor a dead relative’s birthday.

No casualties were reported. –


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  1. Klaruha pod ninyu nang report nga MINOR DAMAGE LANG ANG BALAY NI ARNULFO DODONG ROSALES..kay wa mo nakakita sa sulod mismo sa balay…Uo second floor lang ang nasunog, ug wala na hum.ak ang roofing..pero kung tan.awon ninyo sa Sulod sa balay sa kdako sa damage di na pwede for occupancy…kompleto ra nang atop pero anytime pwede na mahum.ak…and kung ang kantidad lang sa mga gamit nga nasunog ang paghisgutan, DILI GUD MINOR DAMAGE..😤😤😠🤬


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