Oplan Galugad at Biliran Provincial Jail
Oplan Galugad at Biliran Provincial Jail

By BiliranIsland.com Staff
Photos by Joan Aguilos
Published 08:17 AM, November 10, 2019

NAVAL, Biliran – A murder suspect presently detained at the Biliran Provincial Jail yielded illegal drugs paraphernalia when operatives of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) 8, together with operatives of the Biliran Province Police Office (BPPO) and the Naval Municipal Police Station conducted Operation Greyhound around 8:40 in the morning today (Nov 9) in Brgy. Calumpang here.

The inmate was identified as Vivencio Resabal y Montekalbo, facing a murder case, 42, married and a resident of Brgy. San Pablo here.

Recovered from the suspect were aluminum foil strips, with suspected residue of shabu , one long rolled aluminum foil strip, 9 pcs disposable lighter, 1mini scissor, 1 nail cutter, 1 drawer with suspected residue of shabu, 1 short foil strip and 1 small roll aluminum foil strip.

Aside from the illegal drug paraphernalia, the raiding team also recovered numerous contrabands inside the provincial jail, such as Tanduay Rhum, 29 pcs. Cellular Phones, charges, 30 pcs. improvised bladed weapons, ball pens, scissors, nail cutters, cigarettes, mirrors, razors, two mahjong sets, and glass mugs. The raiding teams were surprised to see these contrabands inside the provincial jail when these are prohibited from entering inside the premises.

The recovered items were brought to Naval Police Station for documentation and proper disposition while charges of Violation of Sec 14 (possession of drug paraphernalia) of Art II of RA 9165, the Comprehensive Law against Illegal Drugs of 2002 is being readied by the Naval Police against the inmate. – BiliranIsland.com


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