First Posted 03:00 PM 01/08/2020

CAIBIRAN, Biliran – An alleged security personnel of a local politician was arrested Wednesday, January 8, for violation of illegal possession of firearms and ammunitions.

Felix Nartea Monsales aka Igong was arrested at around 10AM by personnel of the Caibiran Police Station in Sitio St. Joseph, Cabibihan, Caibiran, Biliran.

Monsales was arrested by virtue of Search Warrant No. 20-15 issued by RTC Branch 37 Presiding Judge Conatantino F. Esber on January 7, 2020 for violation of Sec
28 (a) of RA 10591 (Illegal Possession of Firearms and Ammunitions).

Recovered from Monsales during the arrest are the following: 1 (one) pc. Caliber 45 pistol, 2 (two) pcs Caliber 45 magazines, 10 (ten) pcs Caliber 45 live ammunitions, 1 (one) pc shotgun firearm, 1(one) pc shotgun magazine, 2(two) pcs shotgun live ammunitions, 10(ten) pcs shotgun empty cartridge cases, 1(one) pc rifle 16(sixteen) pcs 7.62 mm live ammunitions, and 1(one) pc Caliber 38 revolver.

Monsales admitted in an interview after his arrest this morning, that the alleged goons nabbed by Culaba police in a checkpoint in Barangay Bool West on May 8, 2019 in possession of several firearms, bladed weapons and ammunitions, were also allegedly personnel of the local politician he served.


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