First Posted 06:59PM 03/02/2020

300 Senior High students are displaced after DepEd and DPWH inspectors found their classrooms not fit for classes.

Biliran, Biliran— Nearly 300 Senior High School students from the Biliran Science High School are temporarily displaced after inspectors from DepEd, DPWH and PDRRMO found their two- storey school building not fit for use as classrooms.

The findings came during an inspection of the two-storey, eight- classroom senior high school building of this town, which was destroyed by the magnitude 5.7 earthquake that was felt in Eastern Visayas about 5:19 in the morning today (Mar 2).

The inspectors were: from the DPWH, led by Engrs. Supremo and Victor Sabitsana, and Engr. Nimenzo Wincello; DepEd, led by Dr. Catalina Cordeta, Education Program Supervisor, Mario Jamin, Principal, and PDRRMO Head Jun Dacillo.

The inspection team recommended not to use the building as the damage is great, making it not fit for use as classrooms. The second floor of the two-storey school building caters to two sections each from Grade 11 and Grade 12, with a total number of 130 students. While the first floor caters to 150 students for the two sections of Grade 8 and Grade 9.

The school administration has decided to use the school canteen, stage, library and the computer laboratory room of the school as temporarily classrooms. –


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