First Posted 02:00PM 03/07/2020

DARAM, Samar – The hands of justice finally caught up with a fugitive who has been hiding from the law for nearly two decades after he was arrested in his new home about 8:30 a.m. on Thursday in Sitio Ipil, Brgy. San Miguel here.

Culaba, Biliran COP Police Lt. Isidoro N. Ancero identified the arrested wanted person as Bonifacio Custodio y Bernaldo, 45, married, fisherman, and a resident of Brgy. San Miguel here but formerly residing at Brgy. Salvacion, Culaba, Biliran.

Lt. Ancero in a telephone interview disclosed that he received information that the suspect, who has a standing Warrant of Arrest issued on Oct 5, 2001 for the crime of murder, was reportedly seen by a relative of his victim in the said barangay here. He said that after verifying the said information from his colleague in Samar about the suspect in their area, he received a response on Tuesday night that the information was positive. He added that at 2:00 on Thursday they rented two motor boats with 7 other personnel to go to Samar to arrest the suspect.

At 5:30 in the morning, Lt. Ancero said that they along with Daram MPS COP Police Major Jonathan Cuntapay went to the house of the suspect, who was preparing to go fishing, and arrested him by virtue of the alias warrant issued by Hon. Plenio B. De la Peña, Presiding Judge, 3rd MCTC, Caibiran, Biliran dated Oct. 5, 2001. The suspect according to Lt. Ancero did not resist arrest when he was arrested in front of his family.

Lt. Ancero disclosed that the Custodio was the prime suspect in the killing of Manuel Cipriano, 24, in 2001 in their barangay. He said that an argument between the victim and the suspect happened during a drinking session a night before. The following morning the suspect blocked the victim while on his way to fishing and hacked and stabbed the victim several times, resulting in his instantaneous death.

The suspect is now temporarily detained at the detention cell Culaba Biliran Municipal Station. –


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