First Posted 06:40AM 03/16/2020

Biliran, Biliran – Biliran has started border screening of vehicles and passengers entering the province.

The screening of passengers on board vehicles is being conducted by representatives of combined government agencies in the province, who are members of the province organized COVID-19 Team at a checkpoint in Brgy. San Roque here.

All vehicles will be stopped at the checkpoints and all passengers are asked to alight from the vehicles and brought to a tent, where they will be subjected to forehead screening. All passengers are also required to sign a paper about their backgrounds and the places where they came from.

For passengers who came from COVID-19 infected places like Manila, a representative from the Provincial Health Office will lecture them on what they would do once they arrived in their communities. The passengers are asked not to mingle with locals and apply social distancing even with their families to avoid possible transmission, because they came from an infected place.

The passengers are asked to self- quarantine for 14 days. But if they feel the symptoms something different from their body like sore throat and fever, they are advised to report to their barangay officials and these officials will immediately report the situation to them.

So far no person showing symptoms of COVID-19 has been flagged down at the checkpoint. –


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