First Posted 03:00PM 5/26/2020

Kawayan, Biliran — Death comes to a fighting cock caretaker after another caretaker from another farm was fed up with his bullying and led to a stabbing and hacking incident that caused the alleged bully’s death about 7:00 in the evening on Monday (May 25) at Brgy. Poblacion here.

Kawayan COP Police Lt. Ismael Corzon identified the suspect as Soloven Damayo, 49, married, and a resident of Brgy. Boyo here.

The victim was identified as Harold Jay Olaer, 42, married, and a resident of Brgy. Poblacion here.

The police said witnesses saw the two protagonists speeding on a chasing mode on board single motorcycles from Brgy. Kansanok going towards the Poblacion, with the victim ahead while being chased by the suspect. The police said that upon reaching the place, the victim immediately alighted from his single motorcycle and ran towards a nipa hut in the fighting cock farm. But the suspect, after arriving at the area, also ran towards where the victim was, and who tried to run to the grassy portion at the back of the Nipa Hut.

When the victim was outrun, the suspect stabbed him in different parts of his body and caused him to fall to the ground.
When the victim was on the ground, the suspect hacked the neck of the victim, nearly mutilating it.

The suspect surrendered to the police this morning, after his farm owner-master told him to surrender.

The police said that based on their interrogation, it seems the suspect had become fed up with the bullying from the victim. The night before, the police said the victim challenged the suspect to a fistfight, which prompted the latter to pull out a long bolo from the scabbard to threaten the victim.

But he said he lost control of himself, and when the victim showed of from his bolo, he chased him until he the crime was committed.

Lt. Corzon said that they are preparing charges of murder against the suspect, who is temporarily languishing at the lock-up cell of the Kawayan Police Station. –

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