Aerial view of Inasuyan, Kawayan
Aerial view of Inasuyan, Kawayan, Biliran. Photo by Jalmz Staff
First Posted 06:17 PM 6/17/2020

Correction: The swab sample from KB-1 was taken after he had died, not before as initially reported. Swab samples were taken from six members of the family, including KB-2. The 4 others turned up with negative results.

Kawayan, Biliran — Mayor Rodolfo Espina Sr. of this municipality announced this afternoon in a Biliran Island Facebook live that one of the two COVID-19 positives from his town announced by the DOH on Tuesday night had already passed away about 1:00 a.m. last Sunday June 14.

Mayor Rudy Espina

Mayor Espina Sr. said that patient KB-1 was a 65 year old male who was immediately buried at the local cemetery about 5:00 p.m. that day, with all the people that assisted from the cleanup of his cadaver up to the burying of his remains wearing PPEs.

He said that the family KB-1 were allowed to witness the burial, but were ordered to wear full PPEs, while relatives who witnessed the burial were placed in a far distance to avoid infection.

Mayor Espina Sr. said that the family arrived at the border of Biliran last June 11 on board a private van from Manila.

KB-1 was among the high risk passengers of the private van consisting of three senior citizens, two minors aged 2 and 7, and an adult female that composed the 6 passengers who were identified as Locally Stranded Individuals that were allowed to return home.

Mayor Espina Sr. continued that upon arrival at the border, the family were escorted by local policemen to Brgy. Inasuyan, where they were ordered to have home quarantine. He said that five of the LSIs are high risk persons because three were senior citizens and two were minors ages 2 and 7, with the senior citizens already showing various health problems.

He added that swab tests were taken from the 6 LSIs about 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 14. But at 1:00 a.m. on the same day KB-1 passed away.

Mayor Espina Sr. went on to say that last night, about 8:00 p.m., he received information from the DOH about the persons who tested positive of COVID-19 from the family of 6 that were swab tested. He said that KB-1, the patient that died last Sunday, and KB-2, the wife of KB-1 who is a 65 year old senior citizen also, both tested positive.

Immediately, Mayor Espina Sr. added that the tracing team of the municipality immediately went to the house where the 5 lived and picked up KB-2 and quarantined her at their Isolation Facility while the rest of the family remained on home quarantine.

Mayor Espina Sr. disclosed that all closed contacts of the family are all quarantined now. He said that this morning the Municipal Inter Agency Task Force convened to come up with immediate measures to contain the case.

The mayor Espina then issued the temporary lockdown of Brgy. Inasuyan starting 6:00 in the evening today, June 17, up to 6:00 tomorrow, June 18. This can be extended, so that is why he appealed to the residents of the barangay to stay at home.

The mayor also appealed to other barangays not to come out of their homes unless they are going to buy essentials. He also appealed to his constituents to observe basic health protocols like wearing of face mask, observe physical distancing and always have a good hygiene. He also appealed to all his constituents to maintain calm and not to panic.



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