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First Posted 3:18 PM 6/25/2020
Last Updated 11:21 PM 7/21/2020

According to our source, the arraignment of Mr. Alexis Geo Dagalea, the driver of the car involved in the Jamorawon accident, will be held on Thursday, July 23, 2020 in the afternoon at the Municipal Circuit Trial Court of Almeria – Kawayan, Kawayan, Biliran, before the Honorable Oscar M. Posion, Presiding Judge.


UPDATE. Mr. Alexis Geo Dagalea, the driver of the car involved in the Jamorawon accident, has posted bail.

The Office of the Prosecutor has already filed the Information before the Court this afternoon, June 25, 2020, charging Mr. Dagalea of the crime of Reckless Imprudence Resulting in Homicide.

The Information stated that the accused “in a reckless, negligent and imprudent manner without due regard to the traffic laws and regulations drove his vehicle beyond the speed limits and overtook another vehicle without taking the necessary precautions to avoid the accident to avoid accident to persons xxx”.

The recommended bailbond for the temporary liberty of the accused is set at PhP 60,000.00.

ALMERIA, BILIRAN – The vehicular accident along the National Highway in Brgy. Jamorawon, Almeria that led to the death of the motorcycle driver Jairo Estrada, 31 years old, of Salvacion, Culaba, Biliran, is now in the office of Prosecutor Richard Japson for inquest proceedings.

Charged with Reckless Imprudence Resulting to Homicide is Alexis Geo Dagalea, 18 years old, student, resident of Brgy. Calumpang, Naval, Biliran.

According to the Spot Report of the Almeria Police Station, as received by Biliran Island, the Toyota Hilux Pick Up Truck with Plate No. HAB 1516, driven by Dagalea, was heading to Naval while the Kawasaki Rouser RS 200 with Plate No. 083102, driven by Strada, was heading north towards Poblacion Almeria.

In a testimony stated by a witness, Mr. Roy Cabañas, who was also driving a motorcycle, he was tailing the motocycle driven by Estrada when the Toyota Pick Up truck overtook a Sedan type vehicle, which was also traversing towards Naval and encroaching the lane of the motorcycle driven by Estrada. Thus the head-on collision between the Pick Up truck and the motorcycle happened.

Mr. Estrada was pronounced dead on the spot. As of this writing, Mr. Dagalea is still in the custody of the Almeria MPS.

In cases like vehicular accidents, Biliran Island heavily relies on the official statements like Police Reports and Blotters in presenting its news.


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