First Posted 08:25:00 AM 7/13/2020

Naval, Biliran — Biliran Lone District Representative Gerardo Espina Jr., have extended financial support to a Locally Stranded Individual who wants to return to Biliran Province and convince him to stay and wait till the quarantine measure of the pandemic will be over.

In an interview Cong. Espina said that on Friday he saw in his newsfeed at Facebook about the plan of Samuel Sabuag to return to the province on mountain bike. Later his staff Leonard Olaer sent him thru messenger and screenshot the post of the person that took the picture of Sabuag and told his staff that it’s hard to extend help to the man if they don’t know where he is in Manila.

He said that he instructed Olaer to search for contact of Sabuag so they could talk to him and 30 minutes later he got the number which he believed provided by his relative in the province.

Cong. Espina went on to say that on Friday afternoon he called the number but not reachable and later texted the number informing Sabuag that it was him Cong. Espina texting asking him to reply and about 4:30 in the afternoon he replied. Cong Espina said that he immediately called him and asked him where he is and the later informed him that he is in Muntinlupa already biking on his way to Visayas. He added that he interviewed Sabuag about his situation and the congressman was informed that he has no job in the city and was informed also that all he got is P700 in his pocket and asked if he would seriously pursue his plan to return to the in bike which the later nodded.

Cong. Espina asked Sabuag not to pursue his plan that time and instead told him that his driver will fetch him where he is. When he arrived to fetch Sabuag in Muntinlupa there were already reporters from GMA interviewing him after the post became viral and arrived in his home about 6:00 in the evening. Cong. Espina said that during interview to Sabuag he was informed that he lived in a house of a relative in Project 8 and was a driver but lost his job and one of his measures to return to the province is using a bike.

Cong. Espina told said that he discourages Sabuag about his plan because he might not pass at checkpoints because of the protocols thereby he convinced him to stay and extended him financial support that he could used for his daily needs and assured him that when everything turns to normal and he wanted to return home he should take a bus. Later that night Cong Espina said that the asked his driver to bring Sabuag to his home in Proj 8.

The Congressman disclosed that he was so relieve and happy that he was able to convinced Sabuag not to return to the province on bike.

Cong. Espina also added that aside from helping Sabuag he has also extended support to other Locally Stranded Individuals in Manila and Cebu City has been stranded due to the pandemic. He said though he does not want this information to be self serving but he has in his possession about 1200 receipts from a local money courier whom he sent his assistance to this people. He added that all he has done is help his constituents.

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