By Staff
Published 05:06 PM, October 26, 2020

Naval, Biliran— Strong currents of floodwaters brought by the heavy downpours of rain caused by Typhoon Quinta last night resulted in the destruction of the two detour bridges in this town.

The riprap of the foundation at the detour bridge of Brgy. Caraycaray was found this morning to have a big hole after the strong currents of water from the overflowing river eroded the foundation of the approach to the detour bridge.

A backhoe from the DPWH Biliran that tried to remove the debris that blocked the passage of water under the detour bridge nearly fell to the river, because the ground equipment was located in a portion that was softened by the water.

Another backhoe owned by the DPWH Biliran pulled the backhoe to the higher ground.

In the detour bridge in Brgy. Catmon, strong floodwaters can still be noticed over the spillway of the detour and the overflowing waters last night caused potholes on the surface above. The situation makes it hard for small vehicles to pass because of the holes.

However, the two detours are still passable for light vehicles this morning.

Big waves also are seen striking the port of Naval, the Capital town of Biliran. The big and strong waves also brought garbage to the port.

No report of casualty or untoward incident was reported in this town.

Heavy rain caused flood in Catbalogan.


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