First Posted 11:10:00 04/01/2021

Naval, Biliran – The local police in the capital town in the Province of Biliran are conducting a thorough investigation over the alleged shooting to death of a Norwegian National inside their house about 10:25 in the evening last night Wednesday (Mar 31) in Sitio Kahukaw, Brgy. Villa Caneja here.

Naval COP Police Major Michael John Astorga identified the victim as Svein Hakonse y Ingar, 63, married, a Norwegian National who is temporarily residing in the said place with his wife, child, parents and sibling.

The police said that Chairwoman Juanilla Monchedora, of Brgy. Villa Caneja has called their station reporting about a shooting incident in the barangay. Acting on the said report the local police immediately responded and went to the house of the victim which is isolated from the barangay proper and located in the mountainous area. Upon arrival at the house of the victim, the responding police found that the victim was lying lifeless inside his house with a gunshot wound on his jaw.

The police have requested SOCO operatives to process the crime scene.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman Juanilla Monchedora, in an interview said that the wife of the victim went to their house last night informing them of what happened. But she said did not asked anything about the incident because she immediately reported the incident to the police. She added that she learned that the couple has built a house in the isolated part of the barangay but it has a road in front of the house.

Chairwoman Monchedora continued that the couple did not inform the barangay about their building of a house, but they always saw them passing at the barangay hall riding their vehicle.

She added that aside from the couple’s siblings and parents they also hire a security guard.
The local police are conducting a hot pursuit to people they considered as person of interest. –

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