First Posted 07:00:00 04/05/2021

Cabucgayan, Biliran — A 9 year old boy who went out with friends to swim at the seawall was found lifeless about 5: 30 in the afternoon of Sunday (Apr 4) at Sitio Basud, Brgy. Balaquid.

Cabucgayan Chief of Police Lt. Teofilo Gervacio identified the victim as Sedrick Sagaya, 9, Grade III pupil and a resident of the said barangay.

Initial investigation conducted by the local police disclosed that the victim along with his cousin and friends were swimming at the sea wall of the said place in the afternoon.

The police in an interview with a 10 year old cousin of the victim said that while they were busy swimming with other friends at the seawall, he did not notice the whereabouts of his cousin whom he knew did not know how to swim, thinking that he went home ahead of them.

A certain Rodney Lamoste, 24, single, a resident of the said barangay told police in an interview that his attention was called by a certain Maureen that there was a body of a person lying with his belly under the sea bed a meter distance from the seawall.

Lamoste said that he immediately jumped to the seawall and recovered the body of the victim. He said that they immediately rushed the victim to the Rural Health Unit of Cabucgayan for immediate medical attention, but was declared Dead on Arrival by attending Physician Dr. Julieta C. Tan. The victim’s cadaver was brought to a local funeral parlor before bringing this to their home.


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