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Published 09:26 PM, April 17, 2021

Ormoc City— The number of passengers and rolling cargoes in Eastern Visayas has increased from this morning report according to Coast Guard Eastern Visayas District.

Apprentice Seaman Wilmar Puerto in an interview said that as of 4:00 in the afternoon today (Apr 17) the total number of stranded passengers has risen 348 this morning to 736 and the rolling cargoes which were 114 also rose to 353. He said that many of these passengers are bound Luzon with 571 while those bound to Mindanao are 165. He detailed the numbers of passengers as 117 at the Port of Liloan, 48 at the Port of San Ricardo all in Southern Leyte bound for Mindanao, and the Port of Sta Clara, 273, Port of Baluartico, 262, and the Port of Dapdap 36, all Ports from Northern Samar bound for Mindanao.

The 353 stranded rolling cargoes are from the ports of Liloan, 54, San Ricardo 57, all in Southern Leyte bound for Mindanao and the Ports of Sta Clara 107, Baluartico, 116, and Dapdap, 16 all port in Northern Samar bound for Luzon.

Coast Guard Eastern Visayas District Commander Capt Dante Viliran in an interview said all these stranded passengers are being taken care of by concerned LGUs in coordination with the shipping companies and assisted by some of our personnel from the station. He said that as of this moment, no passenger is present within port areas as shipping companies are not allowing a single passenger to stay inside the terminal premises to prevent violation of IATF rules/ protocols particularly in social distancing.

He added that most of the passengers are being billeted to hotels as all vessels, especially those in Northern Samar have already taken shelter in Masbate.

Capt. Viliran pointed out that truck drivers are staying inside their respective trucks but are parked outside port/ terminal premises. He said that as of 4:00 in the afternoon today sea condition is now moderate to heavy and the wind speed is approximately from 20-30 knots. He added that resumption of sea travel will be announced once typhoon signal is lifted by PAGASA.

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