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Published 08:37 PM, June 9, 2021
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Naval, Biliran —A teacher who was driving a single motorcycle died while being treated at a local hospital while another motorist is still recuperating at his injuries after a teacher driving an SUV was involved in a hit and run collision in two places on Tuesday night (June 8) here.

The first incident happened about 10:20 p.m. along the National Highway, particularly at the curved road in Brgy. Bato, Biliran that victimized John Mar Reñola, 19, driver, single and his younger brother back rider, Marlo Reñola, 17, single, Grade 11 student, both residents of Brgy. Hugpa, Biliran, Biliran.

Biliran, Biliran Chief of Police Capt. Isidoro Ancero said that the younger Reñola, who reported to the Biliran Police, stated that while they were traveling from Naval, Biliran going Biliran, Biliran riding on a Honda TMX 125, color red with complete documents driven by his elder brother, upon reaching at the curved portion of the highway, a color white SUV, driven by an unidentified person, encroached their lane and bumped their motorcycle, causing them to crash on the cemented road.

The complainant said that driver of the SUV, instead of stopping to help them, sped off and left them behind, moving in the direction to Naval, Biliran.

The elder Reñola sustained serious injury in his right foot while the younger Reñola sustained slight injuries in the different parts of his body. Both were brought to Biliran Provincial Hospital, Naval, Biliran by concerned citizens for medical treatment.

The second incident happened about 11:15 p.m. also last night along Sitio Puro Kobe, Brgy. Lucso-on, Naval, Biliran. Another hit and run incident happened involving the same color white SUV.

This time the victim was identified as Vivienne Ann Estanislao, 34, Public School Teacher, resident of Sitio Kawayanan, Brgy. Talustosan, Naval, Biliran.

She was driving a new Yamaha i125 Colored Pink-White-Black combination with no Plate number, and no OR and CR presented.

Initial investigation conducted by the local police disclosed that that motorcycle driven by Estanislao was traveling to the west direction while the white SUV was traveling in the opposite direction.

The investigation said that upon arrival at Sitio Puro Kobe, Brgy. Lucso-on, both vehicles struck each other.

Estanislao incurred multiple injuries and was immediately brought to Biliran Provincial Hospital for treatment, but later on was declared as dead by Dr. Charlotte Mae Chan at around 11:22 pm.

At about 5:00 in the morning today (June 9), a certain James Apacible, 29, married, public school teacher, and resident of Brgy. Lucso-on, Naval, Biliran voluntary surrendered himself to Naval Police Station along with his vehicle a KIA Sportage color white bearing plate number YHN 965.

Charges of reckless imprudence resulting to homicide, multiple injuries and damage to properties are being readied by the police against the surrendering driver, who is temporarily detained at the Naval Police Station. –


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