NAVAL, Biliran — Residents along the coast of Brgy. Bunga in Cabucgayan town will no longer worry against big waves and flooding as the Department of Public Works and Highways – Biliran District Engineering Office (BDEO-DEO) completed the construction of P10-M seawall project.

The 210 linear-meter seawall provides a coastal defense against typhoons and big waves, securing lives and properties to the nearby residents.

Before the seawall project, residents have always feared the big waves brought about by the severe weather condition.

“Nasaksihan gyud nako niadtong wala pay seawall, regular gyud ang among kahadlok kay kusog kaayu ang bawod, nangaguba ang among mga payag, ang among mga balay dinhi,” said Ms. Marina Villamor, resident of Brgy. Bunga. (I’ve witnessed the destruction caused by huge waves that destroyed and washed away our cottages and houses. Since then, our fear remained constant whenever there’s a typhoon coming).

“Daghang salamat gibutangan me ninyo ug seawall, dakong tabang ni sa amoa, dili na jud me mangahadlok sa mga bagyo dinhang muabot, at least naa nay makaali sa mga dagkong bawd, Villamor added. (We are really grateful for this seawall project, because of this, we are no longer worried for the typhoons that are coming because we now have protection against big waves).

District Engineer Ferdinand A. Briones said that aside from the protection benefits, residents and visitors can now also enjoy activities like walking and sight-seeing along the seawall.

The project was constructed on February 9, 2021 and was completed on June 10, 2021 under FY 2021 Local Infrastructure Program. (DPWH-BDEO)

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