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Published 6:00PM, September 26, 2021

Naval, Biliran— A British national who is the reportedly the No. 1 Most Wanted Person in Cebu Province was arrested by a joint forces of police from Cebu Provincial Police Office and the local police here about 2:40 in the afternoon on Friday (Sept 24) at Sitio Balik-balik, Brgy. PS Eamiguel, Naval, Biliran.

Naval Chief of Police Major Michael John Astorga identified the accused as Ian Paul Markham, 67, British national, married and temporarily residing at Sitio Balik-balik, Brgy. PS Eamiguel, Naval, Biliran.

The accused was arrested by virtue of a Warrant of Arrest issued by Hon. Ruben F. Altubar, Presiding Judge, RTC, 7th Judicial Region, Branch 29, Toledo City, dated Feb 3, 2020 for the Crime committed of Rape (4 counts) in relation to 7610, docketed under CC No – TCS-15661, TCS-15662, TCS-15663 and TCS-15664.

No Bail bond was recommended by the court for temporary liberty of the accused.

The accused did not resist arrest and was immediately brought to Naval MPS for booking and temporary detention as he will be brought to the court that issued the warrant of arrest.

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