By Staff
Published 02:43PM, November 30, 2021

Almeria, Biliran— The Rural Health Unit of this municipality is targeting to inoculate the remaining 666 persons unvaccinated residents during this National Vaccination Day from November 29 until December 1.

The Municipality of Almeria has a total population of 17, 850 and the 70% target for inoculation is 12, 495. The total number of persons vaccinated for a single dose is 11, 829 or 94.7% of its target while leaving the 666 persons unvaccinated. She added that during this 3 day National Vaccination Day they want to priorities the 666 unvaccinated residents of the town while also accepting persons for their second doses.

But as of press time only 76 of the 666 targets have been inoculated.

The Province of Biliran has a total population of 180, 717 and 70% of this total population or 126, 502 persons are subjected for vaccination. As of press time the number of persons vaccinated with a single dose is 108, 198 or a coverage rate of 85.5 %

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