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Published 6:58 PM, April 4, 2022

Almeria, Biliran— Death comes to a farmer while his companion is still recuperating at the Provincial Hospital after they were bumped by a single motorcycle driven by a minor about 7: 30 in the evening on Saturday at Barangay road area of Villa Abrea, Brgy Jamorawon, Almeria, Biliran.

The casualty was identified as Serelo Alvarico, 64, married, farmer while his injured companion was identified as Francisco Saludar, 67, widow both residents of Villa Abrea, Brgy Jamorawon, Almeria Biliran and formerly residing at Upper Lo-ok, Almeria. The suspect is a 17 yr old student, single, and a resident of the same barangay in Almeria, Biliran.

The police said that about 07:50 in the evening yesterday the local police received a phone call from a concerned citizen that there was a traffic accident that occurred on the road going to Villa Abrea. Personnel from Almeria police station immediately responded to the place of accident to verify the veracity of the reported accident and noticed that the place had no lights and was very dark. Upon arrival at the accident area only the headlight of the patrol car lit the area where three victims were on the concrete road bleeding from the injuries.

Initial investigation conducted by the responding police disclosed that the two victims were walking on their way to Villa Abrea to return home when a 17 yr old suspect who was driving a Kawasaki Bajaj 100 color black without plate number motorcycle was on his way to the same place also. However, the motorcycle driven by the minor driver has no light so he fails to notice the two elders who were walking in the same road with him that resulted in the collision.


The collision caused the minor driver to fall from his motorcycle along with the two elders. The police said that Alvarico was lying with his blood oozing from his mouth and nose and unconscious.

The three were immediately brought to the Biliran Provincial Hospital for treatment by Alvarico was declared Dead on Arrival. The two others involved in the accident are still recuperating from their injuries in the said hospital.

The local police are now preparing charges of Reckless Imprudence resulting in homicide against the minor driver whose motorcycle has an expired registration and the driver has no license. –

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