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Published 11:39 AM, May 27, 2022
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Biliran, Biliran— Local police are puzzled over the death of a funeral parlor driver who was found lifeless while floating about 9:50 in the morning on Wednesday (May 25) along the territorial seawater of Brgy. Busali, Biliran, Biliran.

The victim was identified as Francis Anonas Arcelao, legal age, married, driver of Sta. Lucia Funeral located at Biliran, Biliran and a resident of Iba, Zambales.

The police said they received a report from concerned citizens about a lifeless body found by local fishermen floating at the sea in the said barangay. The police that responded to the said report immediately requested the local Bantay Dagat group to retrieve the lifeless body at the sea and brought this to the shore for identity. Once the body was brought to the shore the victim was identified by local residents in the area as that of the funeral parlor driver because he is much known to the area.

Initial investigation conducted by the responding police disclosed that the victim was last seen in the evening of Tuesday (May 24) walking along the seaport of Biliran with his slippers placed in his wrist. The police said that the victim was learning to be facing a big personal problem. That’s why the people that saw him at the port that night noticed that he was walking blankly. The police suspect that the big problem faced by the victim prompted him to jump to sea from the port where he was found lifeless while floating at the sea the following day.

Personnel from SOCO Biliran process the crime scene where he was later brought to the funeral parlor that he used to work.



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