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Published 7:38 AM, September 16, 2022

Naval, Biliran — The local police in this capital town of the Province of Biliran formally charge the woman that spread fake news about an alleged kidnapping perpetrated by a white van at the Provincial Prosecutors Office here last Tuesday (Sept.13)

Naval COP Police Major Ryan C. Delima identified the suspect as Jeane Gayrama, 19, single, college student, and a resident of Brgy. Langgao, Cabucgayan, Biliran.

The case stemmed after the suspect falsely reported and spread fake news on being a ‘victim’ on an alleged White Van Kidnapping Incident, which allegedly transpired at about 2:40 in the afternoon on August 20 this year allegedly at Brgy. Santissimo Rosario Poblacion, Naval, Biliran. The police said that after a series of in-depth investigation, they were morally convinced that the said kidnapping incident was all made-up and fabricated considering the inconsistencies of the statements given by the alleged suspect.

The police continued that witnesses and CCTV’s on the areas reported, conveying that there was no kidnapping incident that happened on the date and time stated, contrary to the report of the suspect. In line with this findings the Naval MPS filed a criminal complaint against the suspect before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office for violation of Article 154 para 1 of Revised Penal Code, as amended by RA 10591 (Consummated Unlawful Use Of Means Of Publication And Unlawful Utterances) in relation to Sec. 6 of RA 10175, under NPS docket No. VIII-14-INV-2022-I-00239 on September 13, 2022 and was received by Atty. Charlemagne L Meracap.

Biliran Provincial Director Police Col Dionesio DC Apas, who commended the Naval MPS for filing the charges warned the public to avoid such incident, in a statement, “Please avoid spreading news or information that is unverified and would mislead, deceive, and cause fear to the public. Be more cautious when posting and sharing in social media, and always fact-check the authenticity of reports posted on social media so as not to fall victim to misinformation and disinformation. We guarantee among our law abiding citizens that the full force of the law will be imposed against the suspect,”.

PNP 8 Regional Director Police Brig Rommel Francisco D. Marbil ARBIL, lauded the operating teams for a job well done. Moreover, Biliran Police Provincial Office is appealing to the general public to be extra vigilant and be a responsible partner in crime prevention by providing relevant and timely information to the nearest police stations or through the following official social media accounts.


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