Completed asphalt overlay project
Completed asphalt overlay project at Brgy. P.I. Garcia St., Naval, Biliran with a length of 0.812 Lane Km.

DPWH Biliran

Motorists are now enjoying a smoother, faster and safer riding experience as the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)- Biliran District Engineering Office (BDEO) completes two asphalt overlay projects under its 2022 funding.

The completed projects are implemented at Brgy. P.I Garcia St. in the proper town of Naval along Naval-Caibiran Cross Country Road (NCCCR) with a length of 0.812 lane km. and at Brgy. Balaquid in the town of Cabucgayan along Biliran Circumferential Road (BCR) with a length of 2.436 lane kilometer.

Completed asphalt overlay project

District Engineer (DE) Ferdinand A. Briones said that the projects are implemented under its Asset Preservation/Preventive Maintenance Program with an amount of P18.3-M and P24.6-M, respectively.

Brgy. P.I Garcia is one of the busiest streets in the town of Naval as many establishments and government offices are situated in this area, such as the Catholic Church, Naval Municipal Hall, and the Biliran Province State University (BiPSU), the only State University in this Province.

One of the beneficiaries, Mr. Rolando Pahumot, J & T Express Van Driver said that there is a great difference with his riding experience, now that the road has been asphalt overlaid.

“Unlike before where the road is bumpy, now it is very convenient to drive because it is already smooth,” said Mr. Pahumot.

Mr. Pahumot added that before the asphalt overlay project, avoiding the bumpy road was a challenge for him because it does not only make his travel slower but it also poses danger.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nestor Felecia, Motorcycle Sikad (Mocad) Driver said that he is happy that the road was asphalt overlaid because it is now very smooth.

“I like it that it was asphalt overlaid because my passengers, especially those pregnant, will no longer complain of the roughness of the road,” said Mr. Felecia.

According to DE Briones, the said preventive maintenance projects are designed to prevent further deterioration of the existing concrete, subjected to wear and tear by heavy equipment and vehicles.

Meanwhile, DE Briones said that a thermoplastic pavement marking was also installed to provide accurate road markings to prevent/reduce vehicular accidents.

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