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Published 8:20 PM, October 3, 2022

Culaba, Biliran— What was supposed to be a happy drinking session near a benefit dance turned tragic when the suspect was punched by the victim while pacifying an altercation between the victim’s friend and the suspect came up about 5:30 AM of October 2, 2022 Time of Call: 5:40 in the morning on Sunday (Oct 2) at the Spillway, in Brgy Virginia here.

Culaba COP Police Lt Benigno R. Avila identified the victim as Arnel Rosales, 32, married resident of Brgy Virginia, Culaba, Biliran. The suspect who voluntarily surrendered to the Barangay Officials of his barangay was identified as Joven Mahinay, a.k.a. “Ente”, 36, married, farmer and a resident of Brgy Calipayan, of this town also.

Initial investigation conducted by the local police that responded minutes after the shooting disclosed that the victim was having a drinking session at a Sari-sari store near a benefit dance. The police said that the victim was having a heated argument with the companion of the suspect, the suspect after they drank too much. The suspect tried to pacify the victim with his argument with his friend but he was suddenly punched, hitting the lower portion of his eyes with the metal knuckles locally known as “Pechakurno”. Angry, the suspect went home and returned to the place of incident carrying his homemade shotgun.

The police investigation continued that while the suspect was approaching at the place, the victim suddenly stood up, but was immediately shot by the suspect hitting the victim in the left part of his body which resulted in his instantaneous death. The incident according to the police was witnessed by three residents in the area namely Pablito Peñalosa, 36, married, farmer, Manilyn Mabutin, 31, married, and Diomedez Valeroso, 41, married all residents of Spillway Brgy. Virginia, Culaba, Biliran.

The suspect according to the police immediately fled the area after the incident but while the police were on hot pursuit operation the police received an information that the suspect voluntarily surrendered to their barangay officials that placed him under temporary custody at their Barangay and was subsequently turned over to the responding police officers together with the Homemade Shotgun which was used by the suspect.

Charges of murder are being prepared by the authorities against the suspect who is temporarily detained at the detention cell of Culaba MPS.

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