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Published 7:28 AM, October 25, 2022

Kawayan, Biliran—A labouring mother failed to reach the delivery room of the Rural Health Unit of a Biliran Province town as she delivered her child inside the police car that brought her coming from their house past 10: 00 in the morning on Sunday, Oct. 22 from Brgy. Madao, of this municipality.

Biliran Provincial Mobile Force Company (BPMC) Force Commander Police Lt. Col FREDERICK G SEÑAL, identified the mother as 31 yr. old Ailyn Horfilla a resident of Brgy. Madao.

The police said that the live-in partner of the labouring mother identified as Elmer Dagami, called the help of the police that conducted a police patrol and visibility in the area by flagging the passing patrol car.

Police Lt Sammy A. Paning, Platoon Leader of 2nd Manoeuvring Platoon of BPMFC together with Pat Rogelio P Denampo Jr, Pat Ronald Hilongos, Pat Ernesto Jaban, immediately facilitated the labouring mother at the back seat of the of patrol car, however after several minutes of travelling the mother did not reached the Rural Health Unit of the town as she delivered a healthy baby boy while on board the patrol car.

The police said that the birth of a baby boy in the patrol car while on the way to a local health facility is part of the police mandate to continuously do good deeds and best practices towards the community.


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